Poarch Law Hiring Full-Time Attorney

immigration law, immigration lawyer jobSEEKING FULL-TIME ATTORNEY (SALEM, VIRGINIA)

IMMEDIATELY HIRING. Poarch Law seeks an attorney to immediately supplement our existing 15-person team in Salem, Virginia. This fifth attorney position will assist with our removal defense and asylum practices and exclusively handle U visa (visas for victims) and VAWA (domestic violence) cases. Must have basic courtroom competence, excellent research and writing skills, and be eager to learn a complex legal practice area and engage in intellectually and emotionally difficult immigration court litigation against the U.S. government. This position requires frequent travel (primarily in Virginia) for state and federal court practice. Also required: a profound understanding that the hard work of protecting due process, ensuring fundamental human rights and protecting vulnerable populations looks nothing like it does on television, involves way more work than it should, and is its own (mostly privately celebrated) reward for a job well-done. Virginia licensure and Spanish fluency preferred.

Our office culture is casual and the pace of our work is intense. This position is for a candidate with the fierce heart of a social worker and a legal mind that can keep pace with a constantly-changing practice area. In hiring, we look for authenticity over pretense and measure a candidate’s fit with the entire staff to support our team’s collaborative work in multiple sub-specialty practice groups. We provide significant internal and external training and education, including Spanish if needed, and family-friendly benefits to offset the occasionally hectic pace. Office hours (travel may alter): Monday through Thursday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Friday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Benefits: health and dental, 401K, paid leave for all federal holidays (plus some we think should be federal holidays like Election Day), two paid weeks during December holidays, and additional paid annual vacation by tenure. Send letter and resume to Danielle Hylton at danielle@poarchlaw.com.

Rachel Thompson Receives Federal Bar Association Award

Congratulations to attorney Rachel Thompson for receiving the Federal Bar Association Immigration Law Section Younger Lawyer of the Year Award.

Rachel was recognized this past weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, during the annual conference for her work with the Younger Lawyers Division of the Federal Bar Association and her work in immigration law.



Attorney Christine Poarch Speaks on Good Day Virginia

Analyzing immigration reform: Christine Poarch breaks it down on Good Day Virginia

Virginia First: 1/11/2018

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Tutor o Tutora de Reserva

Hemos recibido varias solicitudes para un documento que permitirá al TUTOR o TUTORA DE RESERVA que ayude si ICE detuviera a uno o dos de los padres o guardia. Preguntamos a uno de los abogados locales que crea un documento que nombrara a un Tutor o Tutora de reserva como Tutor o Tutora temporal. Lo proevemos aquí por GRATIS En Vista de que hemos escuchado de personas que no son abogados cobrando por este mismo documento. No dude en comunicarnos si tiene un menor con discapacidades serias o se le gustaria saber si tienes opciones para tener status en los Estados Unidos. En proveerle este documento, no le estamos dando consejos legales, sino respondiendo a la necesidad urgente que sienten los padres en designar un Tutor o Tutora de reserva sobre los niños con la incrementa fuerza inmigratoria. Si usted tiene un menor con discapacidades serias o necesidades especiales o si usted busca más consejos sobre este tipo de Tutor o Tutora, favor de comunicarse con un abogado o llamenos para una referencia con unos de nuestros abogados experimentados sobre estos asuntos.

El documento se puede acceder aquí: ESPANOL-STANDBY CHILD GDN DESIG PL

Standby Child Form

We’ve received a number of requests for a document that would permit a “standby” guardian to step in should ICE detain a child’s parent or guardian.  We asked one of our local attorney colleagues to devise a form that would at least indicate parental choice of a temporary guardian.  We provide it here for free in light of multiple reports that non-attorneys are charging to produce similar documents.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have a child with serious disabilities or if you would like to explore whether you have options for gaining status in the U.S.  By providing this form, we are not giving anyone legal advice, but rather, responding to the urgent need some parents feel to make a designation in light of increased immigration enforcement.  If you have a child with special needs or a disability, or if you seek further advice about this sort of “standby” guardianship, please consult an attorney or call us for a referral to a seasoned attorney experienced in these matters.


PLF Attorney Rachel Thompson Becomes Newest Board Member of DePaul Community Resources

PLF Attorney Rachel Thompson becomes the newest Board Member of DePaul Community Resources. DePaul is a nonprofit human services organization that works to improve the lives of children and families through programs such as foster care, adoption, independent living and community-based services. Provisions of sponsored residential homes, group homes, respite and day support services assists individuals with developmental disabilities. Board members and the leadership team help provide a high-quality and sustainable organization for the DePaul workforce to ensure the support of their clients. In 2016, Rachel Thompson was the recipient of the 2016 Allison Parker Young Professional Award to recognize the tremendous work she has done within the community and her embodiment of DePaul’s mission and values.