Asylum is one of the most ancient immigration remedies and its age only compounds its complexity. All asylum cases should be filed with consultation and supervision by a competent immigration professional.

Asylum permits foreign nationals who fear returning to their country to seek refuge in the U.S. and thereby gain legal status. Asylum may be based on past persecution or reasonable fear of future persecution. Many seek asylum in the United States by demonstrating, among other factors, that the fear and persecution are based on one’s race, nationality, religion, politics, or membership in a particular social group.

You may apply for asylum affirmatively (by initiating an application with USCIS) or defensively (usually in removal proceedings to prevent deportation).

Generally, one must file for asylum within the first year after entry.

Why do I need an attorney?

Among the perils of filing for asylum, you will likely be placed into removal proceedings if you are denied asylum by USCIS. In addition to this obvious risk, asylum case law is complex and supporting an asylum case requires the kind of strategy and insight that only an experienced practitioner can provide.

What will Poarch Law do for me?

We vet asylum cases strenuously and while we haven’t kept statistics, we probably recommend against filing as often as we recommend moving forward. You can count on our honest advice, and our honest portrayal of your case to USCIS or the Court. We prepare your case with an eye to your individual facts and circumstances, a vitally important understanding of the situation in your home country, and with an ever-cautious eye on the existing body of asylum law. In addition to preparing your application, we keep an eye on processing times, prepare you rigorously for your interview, and typically attend your interview with you.