PLF Attorney Rachel Thompson Becomes Newest Board Member of DePaul Community Resources

PLF Attorney Rachel Thompson becomes the newest Board Member of DePaul Community Resources. DePaul is a nonprofit human services organization that works to improve the lives of children and families through programs such as foster care, adoption, independent living and community-based services. Provisions of sponsored residential homes, group homes, respite and day support services assists individuals with developmental disabilities. Board members and the leadership team help provide a high-quality and sustainable organization for the DePaul workforce to ensure the support of their clients. In 2016, Rachel Thompson was the recipient of the 2016 Allison Parker Young Professional Award to recognize the tremendous work she has done within the community and her embodiment of DePaul’s mission and values.

An Essay by Poarch Law Attorney Christine Poarch

“Our ‘nation of immigrants’ has never been a seamless garment but rather, a disruptively-fashioned coat of many colors. And what made the quilted whole, what keeps all those rough edges together is the brutally painful cutting away of not only the cultural and linguistic and identity pieces of the country one leaves, but also an equally brutal, seam-ripping remaking of our own national fabric.”

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