Business Creation & Immigration

Foreign business creation in the U.S. is important to local economies and regional job creation. Foreign business owners or immigrant investors who want to create businesses in the U.S. benefit from a team of local, qualified, seasoned attorneys who understand the region and the demands of an immigration system that is difficult to navigate alone.

Working with Poarch Law on Business Creation & Immigration

Poarch Law works closely with economic development leaders, business creation attorneys, and company executives to encourage and assist foreign nationals who want to do business in the U.S. We advise on the necessary immigration requirements to help the business attorney create the right business entity and the right structure to support a company’s business creation goals. Together with some of the most accomplished business lawyers, we help direct and procure the necessary supporting materials to demonstrate the company’s viable, legitimate business interests and facilitate the process for executives or specialized knowledge personnel who want to enter the U.S.



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