Criminal Convictions

Criminal consequences on immigration status are one of the most complex, difficult aspects of immigration practice. It is hard for most criminal attorneys to stay current on criminal immigration consequences when the law changes frequently. Moreover, it’s emotionally demanding on the families and immigrants who suffer immigration consequences they were not expecting.

The law governing criminal immigration impacts is broad and nuanced, and requires not only close cooperation between immigration and criminal counsel, but also prudent guidance from an immigration lawyer regarding the future effects of past criminal conduct.

At what point do I need an immigration attorney if I’m facing criminal charges?

Sooner is better when it comes to predicting the immigration consequences of criminal conduct, and many immigrants wait too late to secure vital, important information about the effect of pleas or convictions. Once the conviction is final, it is difficult in many states to get post-conviction relief to ameliorate the immigration consequences, so with criminal conduct, early immigration consultation is critical.

I’m a criminal attorney. How can Poarch Law help me in my practice?

Early referral of criminal clients to immigration counsel is critical to giving the client the best hope of a good immigration outcome. Sometimes immigration consequences can’t be avoided, but only minimized, and Poarch Law provides free, direct immigration attorney access to members of the criminal bar licensed in Virginia to support the goals of criminal representation by giving the criminal attorney and her client insight into what negative immigration consequences may be lurking beyond the criminal plea or conviction.

Working with Poarch Law

Poarch Law has extensive experience in predicting, managing and analyzing the immigration nuances of criminal convictions with the purpose of avoiding impact on immigration status or future processing. If the client’s criminal attorney determines that Poarch Law’s experience is important to a good criminal immigration outcome, Poarch Law charges the client (not the criminal attorney) a flat consultation fee to advise as needed during a criminal proceeding. Poarch Law also charges a consultation fee to determine eligibility for immigration benefits in light of past criminal history.