Employment Green Cards

Some individuals choose to immigrate to the U.S. through employment.  While this method is not easy or effortless, it can be effectively and efficiently processed with the right preparation and supporting materials.

The principal ways that individuals immigrate based on employment include:

  • Green Card Through a Job Offer: You have an offer of permanent employment in the United States.  Most likely, you are already here in another nonimmigrant status. In most cases, your employer must be intimately involved in this process and pay the fees for most of the components of the process including attorney’s fees and government filing fees.  Depending on your job and a number of other factors, this process may take months or years.  An attorney is necessary to this process and its successful conclusion.
  • Green Card Through Investment: Green cards may be available to investors or entrepreneurs who are making an investment in an enterprise that creates new U.S. jobs.  See more detail on this method of procuring a green card in our section on Investment Visas.
  • Green Card Through Self-petition: You may be eligible to file for yourself (“self­-petition”) to get a green card.  This option is available for either “Aliens of Extraordinary Ability” or certain individuals granted a National Interest Waiver.  An attorney is necessary to this process and its successful conclusion.
  • Green Card Through Special Categories of Jobs: There are a number of specialized jobs that may allow you to get a green card but each have requirements specific to either a country or a current or past occupation such as broadcasters, religious workers, or certain Iraqi nationals.

The process of acquiring a green card based on employment is involved and complicated, varies widely based on the underlying preference category, and involves careful management of both employee and employer expectations.

Working with Poarch Law on Employment-based Green Cards

Poarch Law works directly with employees and employers to efficiently transition nonimmigrant employees (H1B or other) to permanent residence.  We work carefully with labor and employment lawyers to advise the employer on the risks and liabilities of petitioning, and collaborate frequently with existing corporate counsel to ensure complete representation of every aspect of the employer’s needs.  Poarch Law consults on these cases nationally.  Contact us today for a consultation.