“They are all so nice and … prompt answering any questions.” (11.11.15, Facebook) —Emily



“Profesionales y honestos. Los recomiendo al 100%. Siempre dispuestos a ayudar.” (09.09.15, Facebook) —Maycol




“Christine is a very professional and … so is the staff. They’re very dedicated to their clients and will keep you up-to-date on your case.” —Manuel



“Christine has the experience and knows her stuff. She was also very accommodating in setting up telephone call times and was quick to respond. We will be using her going forward.” —Client



“Yo estoy muy agradecida y también muy feliz porque el caso de mi hijo fue todo un éxito. El profesionalismo de este bufete es excelente. La manera que me han tratado aquí es como de familia. Me dieron toda la confianza. Me han tratado muy bien y todo lo que he tratado con este buffet ha sido muy bueno. Puedo decirle a las personas que necesitan un servicio de inmigración que pueden confiar en todas las personas que trabajan aquí.” —Eduviges


“After I was given the totally wrong information by another lawyer from another company, I was distraught beyond belief as I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get paperwork sorted and sent to the right people in the time frame allowed in order for me to stay with my husband in USA. My husband & I then contacted Poarch Law Firm and they were truly amazing. Not only did they stop my fear of being separated from my husband but they also sorted every bit of immigration paperwork and had it sent off on time. Words cannot express how much gratitude I have for Rachael, Christine and Dana, and other staff. They are exceptional women who know their job inside out. I would highly recommend the use of Poarch Law Firm to anyone” (03.14.17, Google). —Debbie P.


“When we were in Uganda to bring home our two girls, it was our second trip in three months because our Ugandan lawyer had botched our case badly. Providence shone on us, though, when we found ourselves rooming next door to two lawyers, Christine Poarch and McLane Layton. These two women pored over our court documents, consulted with our lawyer, shored up our case, and had our backs the entire trip. We brought our girls home because Christine and McLane, who didn’t know us from Adam, helped us – it is as simple as that. 5 years later I consider them lifelong friends and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Poarch Law and Christine to anyone. She is whip smart, upfront about what she can do, and will fight for you just because that is who she is” (04.07.17, Facebook). —Libby


“We needed an excellent attorney to represent our family in the adoption of a newborn. The case was emotionally delicate and somewhat complicated because it involved courts in two states. Christine and her team were shining stars from the hand of God, full of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. They were aware, informed, and explained things in terms we could understand. Their service was both professional and personal, competent and compassionate. As we celebrate over a year with our beautiful baby, we are grateful for the team at Poarch Law” (04.07.17, Facebook) —Debbie G.

“I highly recommend Attorney Christine Poarch Law (Immigration Law) for her High Quality and Professional immigration services. She worked diligently on my family’s immigration case. She made everything easy for me to understand and follow up. Whenever I had questions, I got quick and more than reliable answers. She provided timelines that were always right and always everything was done way before the end of the timeline. I also admire her staff for their professionalism, knowledge and effort they put into our family case. Attorney Christine Poarch’s guidelines and work are excellent. She is by far the most knowledgeable in immigration law I know. She is very organized, trustworthy, caring, and responsive. Her understanding, knowledge, kind personality,honesty, work ethics and comprehensive approach when dealing with clients cases is outstanding. I will not hesitate to recommend Attorney Christine Poarch as an Immigration Attorney” (01.05.16, Facebook). —Pat

“How does one start to describe how good these people are? Incredible, caring, welcoming, tenacious, always looking for the good in people. This is what they do and then when they go to work for you, they just get better!” (06.11.16, Facebook). —Bruce

“Christine and her team helped us every step of the way with the Green card process. With a lot of stress involved in moving the whole family from one country to another – this was one area that was “taken care of” as they took care of the process from start to finish and helped make everything smooth and plain sailing. First class service at all times, timely responses to questions and a very personable approach” (02.14.17, Facebook). —Andy

“Christine Poarch and her amazing team are the reason why our daughter is finally home. When we first contacted Poarch Law our international adoption case was a huge mess. Christine always told us the truth, made sure we understood, and clearly made our daughter a priority. Every member of this firm is helpful, responsive, ethical, and most importantly, well-versed in the law. If you are adopting or have an immigration issue, Poarch Law can help” (04.07.17, Facebook). —Kris

“These folks are awesome to work with. They are very detailed and thorough. They make the process as easy as it can get. Really prepared us for the immigration interview” (02.02.17, Facebook). —Greg

“Got the tough one for the interview. But we had well prepared with Christine. So we did not freak out. Got recommendation approval for Green Card. Hopefully, will receive the actual Green card soon. Thank you Dana and Christine” (02.02.17, Facebook). —Narathip

“I have to thank this office for my internship and for opening doors I never imagined could be opened. Stay in the fight, ladies!” —Dameia

“When Christine took over my brother’s case we had worked with two lawyers in Washington DC and had spent tens of thousands of dollars without any luck! We were ready to give up but her confidence gave us strength and calmed our anxieties. Just over 2 years she got my brother his green card! We were amazed! I think she is excellent and her office is so organized! I am forever grateful! Thanks Christine!” (04.21.16, Facebook). —Pari


“Poarch law has been beyond amazing to my family and I. Rachel was our lawyer through our immigration process and completely went above and beyond all expectations. My husband and I went to Rachel after meeting with another law firm who left us in tears. Rachel made sure we completely understood the entire process we were going through and gave emotional support to my family and I throughout the entire process . I will forever be so grateful to Rachel and poarch law for all of their help and support, the only words I can find to say are thank you!” (01.06.16, Facebook). —Melanie

“Thanks to Christine and the Poarch Law I was reunited with my family after many long battles with lawyers who were unable to do what Christine and her team accomplished, she helped my brother, my two sister and I meet our parents after 12 years and continues to help my family tremendously. I love the Poarch Law firm and highly recommend them” (01.05.16, Facebook). —Ма

“This was the most helpful 30 minutes with a lawyer in my life. I got all the answers with 15 minutes and the everything after that was just bonus. Christine rocks” (04.06.16, Facebook). —Kerttu

“Poarch Law engraved itself into my life and heart many eons ago. I was one of its first SIJ cases, which was handled with hard work and grace. Because I’ve never visited their office before, it was humbling to meet the people I talked to on the phone and who assisted with my paperwork. I was even able to review my own case from now a different perspective. As a result, I was more convinced of the heart that beats here. A tenacious one that truly is vigilant in helping the many lives it takes on without the need to lie or cheat the law.” –Jarely


“I highly recommend it people Rachel is such a wonder to work with she explain everything to me in a professional way unlike some other places I’m so thankful for everything they did for me” (03.02.15, Facebook). —Brendon

“I Highly Recommend Christine, her knowledge and an expert in her field. She WILL get the job done for you. Keep up the Great work” (03.01.15, Facebook). —Christopher

“Para mi en lo personal me parece que ese buffet tiene muy buenas abogadas en mi caso me ayudó a que mis 2 hijos obtuvieran la residencia y vamos por mas” (02.14.17, Facebook). —Rosa

“She is a good lawyer. Se los recomiendo mucho. Yo por mi parte estoy muy agradecido con ella. Me ayudó muchísimo en mi caso. Me ayudó a nunca tenerme que separar de mi familia. Yo nunca había visto una abogada como ella. Thanks for everything Christine y a todas las personas que trabajan con ella” (05.03.16, Facebook). —Felipe

“Hola, quiero compartirles mi experiencia. Entramos en un proceso de inmigración el cual gracias a la eficiencia de las abogadas del bufete Poarch Law. Todo ha sido un éxito ahora mi hijo Tomas es un residente de USA. Si tienen un caso que resolver, no duden en acudir a esta oficina recibirán el mejor trato desde luego sin engaños” (09.09.15, Facebook). —Estrella

“Estoy muy agradecida con Christine Poarch y todos los que trabajan con ella porque no solo hizo posible que mis hermanos y yo nos reunieramos con mis padres después de tantos años. Si no que hizo posible que volviera a ver a mi hijo después de 5 años y tenerlo junto a mi y ahora está luchando para que alguien muy especial pueda arreglar su estado legal en este país y podamos ser una familia tranquila que vive sin temores. Gracias por el gran ser humano que eres Christine y por hacernos sentir parte de tu maravillosa familia. Dios y la Virgen de Guadalupe te bendigan siempre a ti y todos los que hacen posible la unión de familias y seres queridos” (12.21.14, Facebook). —Marlene

“Las abogadas de Poarch Law son altamente profesionales y conocen la ley mejor que cualquier otro abogado. Ellas le asesoraran sobre cuales son sus mejores opciones de inmigración y le atenderán con mucha dedicación, esmero y calor humano. Yo las recomiendo plenamente!” (10.24.15, Facebook). —Elda

“Christine and all at Poarch Law provide excellent consultation and service in every way. They go above and beyond to gain a full understanding of your personal case and sincerely care for you as their client. They ensured everything regarding applying for my visa and resolving any issues along the way was handled quickly and professionally, and were always available to answer questions and help along the way. No need to look elsewhere for legal advice and service, Poarch Law is the best” (07.13.17, Google). —Cherry

“Christine Poarch and her firm are extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet they make you feel like part of their family. They truly take an interest in you & your case & make the process as smooth as possible. Christine and her staff are great about explaining everything to you and removing the stress of the situation. She helped us successfully with our binational same sex fiancee visa and greencard application. My wife & I believe, Christine is the best immigration lawyer. We fully trust her and her firm and highly recommend Poarch Law Firm” (07.13.17, Goolge). —Nina

“We hired Christine when we moved to Virginia and she helped us out to change our address on USCIS files. She was extremely good to us and explained us everything that we needed to know that we decided to give her our complete case which was, of course, really important to us. Her firm exceeded our expectations and, as expected, our case was successfully approved. My family and I highly recommend Christine Poarch and her firm” (07.12.17, Google). —G

“Christine has been amazing – after another lawyer completely messing up a case – Christine was able to restore our faith in immigration attorneys with her brilliance, insight, professionalism & totally redeem the case! Such a great person to work with as well- totally recommend her!” (07.12.17, Google). —Tamsin

“Understanding, passion, honesty, experience, and most importantly, Christine and her team are completely willing to help their clients in a sincere and professional way. That’s how I would describe Christine, who was one of two attorneys in my asylum case that was resolved successfully. Besides all of the above, what stands out in Christine is her ability to investigate to the depths each one of her cases, her knowledge of Latin America that allows her to understand the problems of the region, and her fluidity in Spanish that makes it possible to connect better with her clients. With complete confidence Christine and the Poarch Law team will work tirelessly to make sure the cases they handle are carried out successfully. Eternally grateful” (03.04.15, AVVO). —Zulmaire


“She is excellent in the knowledge she possesses about immigration law. She does it the right way and makes sure all information is completely accurate before submission. The price of retention and representation is very competitive. I love her down to earth personality! We are currently in the last few steps of the immigration process and hopeful that it will go quickly and efficiently thanks to a great lawyer” (10.23.14, AVVO). —Jennifer


“Christine and her firm are extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet they make you feel like part of their family. They truly take an interest in you & your case & make the process as smooth as possible. Christine & her staff are great about explaining everything to you & removing the stress of the situation. She made it happen, that I was able to move to the U.S. to marry and to be with my same sex partner. My wife & I believe, she is the best immigration lawyer and highly recommend her” (07.13.17, Martindale-Hubbell). —Client

“Christine and all at Poarch Law provide excellent consultation and service in every way. They go above and beyond to gain a full understanding of your personal case and sincerely care for you as their client. They ensured everything regarding applying for my visa and resolving any issues along the way was handled quickly and professionally, and were always available to answer questions and help along the way. No need to look elsewhere for legal advice and service, Poarch Law is the best” (07.13.17, Martindale-Hubbell). —Client


“Rachel was absolutely fantastic. We had 1 on the phone consultation and we knew she would be our immigration attorney for life” (05.23.17, Martindale-Hubbell). —Client

“Atty. Christine Poarch is probably the most knowledgeable, approachable & dependable lawyer you can find in her field of law. She takes time to listen to you & explain your options in simple terms that regular people can understand. With the type of service & expertise she & her staff provides, she could easily have charged 2x or even 5x more. That is why I can confidently say that the Poarch Law firm is genuinely in the legal practice to help people & not just to make money. Thanks Atty Poarch” (09.19.13, Martindale-Hubbell). —Client